Who is kitchenfloorcomics?
My name is Freddie, a KC based illustrator and occasional printmaker! I make comics inspired by my own mental health struggles and personal experiences. I got my name because I often spend a great deal of time on the kitchen floor, usually after midnight, typically wondering whether my Prozac is working or not, and I realized that I got most of my ideas during those times! 

What kind of work do you do?
Very goofy, very comical, but also: lots of heart <3
To expand on that: I make works that take inspiration from dozens of different places, some of my biggest inspirations are Darwyn Cooke, Rumiko Takahashi, Kevin Smith, Jim Henson and Pei-Pei Cheng. I've always been fascinated by old school punk culture, drag, and vintage fashion, so all these influences together mix into one and I like to think that's my work! 

What if I want to buy something digital?
That is not a problem! Head over to my gumroad, right here, where I have tons of stuff set up to sell digitally (and maybe even some stuff that isn't on here!) 

Can I commission you? 
Of course! I have a Commissions page with more info, and you're always welcome to email me for more information at [email protected]  

Where else can I find you?
I'm so flattered you can't get enough of my work~
I'm on Etsy and Instagram as kitchenfloorcomics as well!